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Do You Think God Does Not Exist?

Maybe to you, God does not exist. You may be asking Is God Real? Well, I am happy to tell you that this blog was made for you. You could be an Athiest, an Agnostic, heck, you may even be calling yourself that because it’s a trendy thing to do. Studying or working tirelessly, dealing with bullies at school or work or at home or even having learned from parents that never practiced religion could have led you to the conclusion that God is not real.

Society Tells You that God Is Not Real

It’s true. You have been tricked into thinking that God is not real. You have been tricked into thinking God does not exist. In fact, society itself tells you every day that God is not real. But the truth is God is real. And I will tell you why.
I used to be like you. I had the idea that God was maybe real, or maybe I was an Agnostic, but just like I was vegan one day, vegetarian the next, a meat eater a year later, my idea of God and religion as a whole was random and had no foundation; it was very wishy-washy with no substance. I had spiritual experiences from when I was a child, but even that did not stick all the way. Why? Because I didn’t get it. Why? Because it wasn’t my time to understand all that yet.

God Showers His Spirit on Some

I’ve recently met people that have been showered by the spirit of God. They are people just like you and me. Mothers, fathers, (perhaps kids; though I haven’t met any yet). I myself had an amazing spiritual experience in September of 2013. I could give you the exact date as I copied it from the Facebook message I sent to my friend, but the gist of it is, I had the Holy Spirit enter into me for four weeks. And I experienced looking at the world through “Spiritual Eyes.” Once the holy spirit entered into me I felt like I understood Godliness and true righteousness. It was a very enlightening experience, I felt like I was immortal. I felt like my own spirit was about to leave my body. And no, I am on no meds, drugs, alcohol, not even cigarettes, and have a perfect psych bill of health. But I did drink a lot of diet coke, and the crazy thing is, as I was drinking it- it felt like it was passing right through me and when I looked into the mirror I felt like I was a spirit blissed out to extreme happiness and thrown into the Godly dimension. Are you still convinced that God does not exist?

Actually, You Just Forgot

This blog will teach you all about God and what you have forgotten. Your feeling that God is not real is simple deception. In my church we talk about the “veil of forgetfulness” where a spiritual veil is placed over us when we leave Heaven to come to earth. I actually got fortunate. God chose me as one of the people to tell you what He wants from you and it’s simple. God wants you to be happy.

This Life

You may have had a rough life, foster care, death of a loved one, an accident that left you paralyzed, addiction, abuse, divorce, homelessness, or have suffered some other affliction that I did not mention. And that is Life as we know it. Satan is actually in charge of our suffering here on earth. The sickness we get, the death we see or experience is all of Satan’s doing. The abuse we suffer from, all the negative is basically Satan’s doing. Satan’s job is to trick you into losing your place in Heaven. But Because Jesus, our beloved Savior died for our sins, actually, the truth is we already have a place in Heaven. Because of Jesus, our place in Heaven can never be lost no matter what we do. But, our time we get there can be delayed- and this can be caused by our bad choices we make. God does say in the scriptures, He is the one that gains justice for you, so you don’t have to do it on your own. Just remember God is in charge. Jesus is here to guide us and Save us. We need to be missionaries here on earth and help each other survive and live better one day at a time.


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