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About us

We are a family of spiritual people. The founder L. Jordan sober in mind, no alcohol, drugs or meds has created this blog because it is part of the Plan. In fact, everything is part of our Plan. L. Jordan, mother of four and a marketing company owner has had countless Godly experiences. When she was 15 her life was saved by angels twice. At age 13 she saw her first demon ~ a cloud of white in the shape of a human form come out of her television which frightened her so much her hips locked as she tried to run out of the room. She saw spirits and felt them all her life and was afraid of them until one day, her friend told her ask Jesus to keep you safe. So she did, and she was no longer afraid. In 2007 after having been baptized, being born of a Jewish father,  and having been told Jesus was not real all her life, she prayed day and night day and night for a week asking Jesus Christ himself to show her a sign. He did. As she was standing in the kitchen during the day making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her daughter one day, suddenly the world went black, and there stood Jesus Christ himself in a red robe with an upset look on his face- He wanted her to believe, and her earthly selfish habits had prevented her previously, once he appeared in front of her, she was a believer. Not knowing exactly what to do with this amazing experience, pondering whether or not to spread the word she talked to a family member about this experience, who told her that was a sacred experience and to keep it secret.
So she did, until recently, in 2013, one day she had a very spiritual experience like never before; as she was talking on the phone about righteousness and the Savior. One day, she experienced a moment that was life changing. Suddenly she felt her spirit rising out of her- and she felt the Spirit of God enter into her. The Spirit of God was all peace, love, happiness, harmony, completeness all rolled into one. She felt as if she should change her entire wardrobe into white and walk in white robes. Suddenly she knew answers to the scriptures, which she had never read before from front to back. She understood why things were just a little bit more; and that even death itself was part of life. She saw a white light glowing around peoples heads, and though she thought this was faith, now she believes the brighter the light, the more love there was.  She could barely drive because she felt as if she was floating and shared this with her daughter on the way to drive her to school. Heavenly Father’s spirit was in her for a full four weeks and she never got sick though all her family members had high fevers, were coughing on her with runny noses, and she understood the power that all people have through Christ. The spirit of God left her one day when the spirit was so strong and she couldn’t work and not realizing this was God’s spirit, she said “This is Ridiculous! I can’t work!” – as quick as it came into her, the spirit was gone. It was gone for good, but did come back once in the fifth week, as she prayed and asked for forgiveness and took her children to clean the outside garden of the temple grounds. During her spiritual experience, even her beloved husband thought she was losing it- because all she did was ramble about Chris our Savior. She rambled because she barely could speak, but that was all she could think about.
After she lost the Spirit that was in her, L. J. felt unworthy, but quickly understood that it was the adversary trying to pull her down. She then decided she would live her life for God. She would do what she could to do God’s work, she understood why her life was saved by angels when she was a teenager, she understood why she survived a nearly fatal car accident with just a few pieces of glass in her neck which she plucked out, though her car was totaled in the front and side by the driver’s seat, she understood why she was alive.
The first thing she wanted to do was tell everyone, because she wanted to teach everyone much about her experience to help build their testimonies. She visited people, she told her family members, she shared her experiences openly on facebook, and for the most part received very negative feedback. The adversary was indeed working on them to keep her from doing God’s work.  She wondered if she was special..but then humbled herself and said no, she wasn’t. She had a vision of Jesus two more times in 2014, and she now knows that she just has to be herself, but spread the word to help others build their testimonies. L.Jordan proclaims to be nothing special, just a child of God like everyone else here on this planet. This blog was born to simply announce that God is Real, and to see if there are ways to spread the Gospel, and if this is part of the Plan, it will happen, and if not, it won’t, and this is ok too. Everything is on God’s time. We are either God’s tools or the adversary’s, and we have the free agency to choose who we want to worship. God or the Mammon. L.Jordan met a Muslim woman (another mother) recently who saw a vision of Mary, and whose cousin had seen a vision of Jesus coming down from the sky on a cloud smelling of the most amazing sweetest smells of heaven with wet hair. Miracles do happen, L.Jordan now teaches every one she knows that is sick that they have the power of God within them to heal, and has witnessed instant healing both in herself and her children, as well as friends. We hope that this blog helps you grow in your soul’s progression so that you too may sing Hosanna and sing praise to God our Heavenly Father and Jesus. Please understand that all opinions expressed unless straight scripture, are just pure opinion, and please learn from it or not, as you wish.
And I say this in Jesus our Savior’s sacred and holy name Amen.
Thank you!
-L. Jordan