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Guardian Angels- We All Have One

Guardian angels, we all have one, maybe more. I am pretty sure both my grandmothers are looking out for me, and there are more too I am sure, and there are those that are looking out for my children as well. Oh yes, guardian angels are real. When I was 15 I had my first experience with angels and I remember it vividly. Carrying my big heavy backpack, I was running up the spiral staircase not wanting to be late to my homeroom class.  In order to move even faster I was skipping steps taking large leaps, and as soon as I had gotten on top of my last step somehow I went off balance completely and fell back; as I was flailing my arms trying to catch myself, there was just no way. The big heavy backpack filled with math books, science books e.t.c. was too much weight and I pictured myself falling back, cracking my head open and breaking my neck as I fell. It was too late I thought…and then there was a sudden huge push on my back; it was strong and gave me enough force to send me full up on top of the final platform of the third floor so that I could land safely there.

I landed safely, and of course looked back to thank the kind teacher or adult who was there to have done that for me. There was no one. Bewildered, I took off my backpack and just ran down the stairs all the way to the first floor to find that person that saved me. There was no one. I ran through the hallways yelling thank you for saving me, but there was no one. Then I walked up the stairs carefully this time to get my backpack I had left on the top of the stairs and then went to my homeroom class bewildered. It was my first close encounter with my guardian angels, or God. Again, it felt like a large human hand on the center of my back..

My Second Encounter with My Guardian Angels

A year or so passed and I was in theater class where I not only performed in the musicals but assisted with backstage makeup as well. I liked doing this. After school we would have practice and then we would all remove our makeup and wash our faces and go home. On this day I was one of two people at the downstairs basement theater makeup area of the school. Chit chatting with my theater friend, we took our make up off. She left, I stayed and made sure everything was put away, and things were good to go for the next day.  Then I decided it was time to go home and climbed up the stairs and out the door. There was no one at the school anymore. It was rather late and getting dark. I decided I was going to walk across the street and walk to the train station. The street that was in front of my school was an intersection and there was no crosswalk just cautious walking. I began walking onto the street and suddenly a high pitched female voice yelled out my name, “Lindaaaaaa.” So, I stopped and walked back a few steps. Just as I took those steps back, a sports car with a joy rider zoomed past me with such speed, my hair blew back. I was shocked. That voice had saved me. So naturally I went to see who it was yelling out, “Thank you for saving me!” over and over again. But there was no one there. Once again, it was my guardian angel..I thought.

My Prompting From My Guardian Angel

The older I get I do my best to listen to my angels and promptings of the Lord; but on this particular date, I was not at that spiritually ready level yet. So when I was taking my boyfriend (my now-husband) home on this day, he asked me to drop him off at his apartment. A strong feeling came over me- telling me I should not do it. But I ignored that feeling and did it anyway. After dropping him off, I decided it would be a wise idea to drive straight into the first lane so I could make a quick U-turn and go to work, so I did. When I did, a truck rammed right into me full speed and my little green dodge Neon flew spinning 360 degrees to the other side where it stopped at the curb. The entire windshield was gone the driver’s side door was fully pushed in, and the side mirror was gone. The man with the truck came out and yelled “Are you ok?!” then mentioned in a muttering manner “It was your fault right? it was all your fault,” and got his tools out and went under his truck to fix it. When I said, “Yah it was my fault,” he said, “Good, because I know a good lawyer,” Anyway, I then sat in my car and got out and shook my head vigorously because there was something on it. It was a pile of glass and it all flew off of me when I did that. Still in shock I planned on going to work that day but the police officer said I couldn’t and had to go home to make sure I was ok. I was a little sore, I plucked out a couple pieces of glass that was in my neck. But overall I was fine. I told my roommate I was in a car accident but was fine and so we could have lunch together and talked about making sandwiches. Despite my shock, I was certain at this time that the lavender oil I had put behind my ears had relaxed me enough to swing me to the right upon impact. At that time I did not attribute God as my savior, but my dumb lavender oil instead, but maybe God had intended me to use it and maybe it was part of the plan. That prompting- was my third encounter. But never in a million years did I ever think I would see an angel.

My Third Encounter with My Guardian Angel

Since having spiritual experiences, I had prayed to the Lord, asking Him if I was to do His work, if I was to be His messenger, to show me an Angel. Nothing happened immediately of course, but in the first week of November I saw my first angel. It is important to understand when one sees an angel, its very presence is holy and sacred and envelopes the room. Only bliss, joy, and love fill the air we breathe and we become one with the angel. I will not describe the angel because the angel is holy but I will tell you that not only did I feel his presence, my 10 year old daughter felt him as she was standing right in front of me, when I said “He is here.” When we see angels, we immediately connect with our spiritual selves, our earthly selves are lost; but this could be because I have great faith. Encounters with angels in the scriptures do not describe this for the most part I think, and feel free to comment and correct me if I am wrong.. though Daniel’s encounter may come close.  My encounter was similar to Daniel’s but was very holy filled with joy, love, peace and harmony, and my mission is to tell you that God is real, Jesus is real and guardian angels are very real. This angel appeared to me when I was thinking of changing my life yet again by getting rid of yet another selfish desire, which was caffeine. It is what God Himself wants me to do. I understood that. For scripture reference, look up Daniel Ch.10 verses 5-7.

God Loves Us so Much He Sends Us Angels

God loves us so much He sends us angels to protect us and to help us make right choices. If we listen to the Lord’s promptings through the angels we cannot go wrong. God represents love, unselfishness, joy, and peace. He forgives, he loves us unconditionally and we carry His spirit within our bodies. Our angels protect us from the evil forces out there, but we must know to rebuke the evil forces in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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