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We are seeking partners with special talents and skills to help us do God’s work. How? Simple, we are looking for schools that would like to allow Service in their curriculum, and white ribbon day where students will wear a white ribbon around their wrists to show that they care about humanity and their fellow classmates. We are also seeking partners that have had experience in the non-profit field that are very interested in spreading the Gospel in creative ways- such as Service at schools, service to all people. We are interested in anyone and everyone that wants to make a change to glorify God and do his work and spread his Word. We are a spiritual family here, and we would like to have an equally spiritual leader and or organization help us grow and achieve our main goal which is to help as many people as we can learn about God and Jesus. It is important to understand, we are not in this for financial gain whatsoever, in fact, any potential financial sums made from this will be put into tithes, and in our own Giving area. We want this to be very successful, and as such, we are making a covenant with the Lord that all funds will be given to Him.  We may use some funding for operational costs, but none will be used for personal gain.

Why Partner with Us Financially?

We do not promise you any financial gain directly from this website since this is a website which is a truly non-profit site. However, if there is significant assistance in growing, this may change, and for our financial partners, there may be a small amount awarded; depending on the relationship of the partnership. We however, need nothing from this website financially. We are simply doing this for our Lord.

Are you a Non-Profit Organization?

At this time, we are not, and we are not a for profit, we can write you receipts, but we are working on gaining partners with the same vision we have- to help people, as well as grow and spread the word without being a church. Do you have a non-profit organization and feel that we can be a part of your organization or that you would like to help lead ours? Please contact us, we are taking a leap of faith in this project for God and we could certainly use your help. Once again, we will not need any personal monetary donations, but we do internet marketing, and if this is something you need, we could certainly be hired there, for that purpose on an independent contractor basis. As for this project, this is simply a project for God to praise Him, and Jesus and all that is Good and worthy of Glory.