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Prophecies and Revelation – Who We Are and What Our Mission Is

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between prophecies and revelation? Prophecies foretell of the future and are knowledge given to prophets. Revelation is a blessing that is given to those of us that seek answers from the Lord. Prophecies are provided messages selectively given to those of us that were chosen to lead the people in the gospel. Revelation is given to those of us that seek to be more Christ like. True revelation comes through the Holy Ghost. Thus, any prophet that states anything without the guidance of the Holy Ghost is either a false prophet or a prophet that has not mastered what it means to be a prophet. Revelation can be personal, and it can be universal.

Prophecies Versus Personal Revelation

In the bible there are many examples of prophecies and prophets. Prophecies are one of the determining factors of what makes a prophet. If a prophet makes errors in his prophecies, he is not a true prophet. Personal revelation can be as simple as asking the Lord for help in raising the children. Of course, the Lord takes raising children very seriously. It is because each child is of Him. As you are of Him. As Corinthians clearly states, the spirit of God lives inside of us.

My own personal revelation shows that yes, we can power up our spirit of God within us, If we let Him do His work through us. If we are swayed by temptation, which is the reoccurring sin we face constantly since the time of Genesis, then once we let the temptation in we will not have His spirit for that time, or it will be limited. Personal revelation can be as simple as receiving guidance as to what to do for  a career path; it is important to understand that the Lord guides us- as it attributes to His Plan. Our selfish needs may still be met along the way only because our Heavenly Father is extremely kind and gracious, understanding, ever loving and forgiving. He is the epitemy of positive energy and love.

Prophecies, a.k.a. Universal Revelation

Universal revelation comes directly from God to the prophet when there is a specific work that needs to be carried out. Prophets are always appointed from God and not from man, although God does allow men who strive to be more Christ-like to receive universal revelation even though they may not have truly been chosen by God but if their behavior provides positive guidance and leadership within the gospel by having that special position. Anyone who is loyally following God and Christ’s ways and is completely devoted to them will receive the blessings. The LDS church has prophets that provide valuable information regarding service and salvation. They are the presidents of the church; and are said to be seers and revelators. LSD prophets are appointed by the church, but they serve as great leaders and serve to do the Lord’s work.  It is good to have one faith and believe as Jesus said, and it is also very important to follow Christ. The LDS church is well organized to follow Christ; serve, love and teach their members to become more obedient.

Revelation Comes to Obedient Prophets

Prophets are many; as the scripture “Many are called but few are chosen,” -Matthew 22:14 comes to mind. Being a Prophet requires a complete surrendering to God. It can only be possible if the Lord chooses a man or woman with a pure heart that is strong in Spirit and Flesh that is willing to risk his life for God. As Jesus said, we must choose God or Mammon for we cannot worship both. In the scriptures, both the Bible and Book of Mormon, there are may instances where the Prophets that are able to save the people, show their obedience and loyalty to God.

Prophets Would Not Ask for Money

True prophets would be humble as Jesus was, if they have a ministry, that money would all go to a cause to help people. There would be no self gratification in using their revelation for monetary gain. To be a true prophet and disciple of Christ, we need to 1) be chosen by God, 2) be grateful for this remarkable calling, 3) be obedient to what the Lord asks, 4) Focus on the spirit of God within us and which surrounds us, 5) Not be tempted, 6) Serve others out of love and not obligation, 7) Seek to align our will with our Father’s, 8) Understand the God’s Plan is much Bigger and Greater than ours. 9) Love God and our Savior with All our might, 10) Show love by showing love for others as Jesus loves us.

I have met women that have heard the voice of God, a woman who was instructed by the Holy Ghost to teach 5 people about Christ, and they were instantly saved. A woman that was told to quit her job and forgive her cheating husband. Some of these women received personal revelation while others received a more universal revelation. There was a woman who was told by God that there was a spiritual war going on.

What to Do as Prophets

It is my understanding that there are many prophets. But the Lord knows which ones will serve Him diligently; and those that falter and go about the ways of the world will fall; either temporarily or permanently. The Lord knows each and every one of us better than we know ourselves. Prophets will encounter spiritual experiences and revelation like no other, good and true prophets will also work hard to study the Word. True prophets will not be focused on the gaining of money or material possessions, as these things are not important to God; although He will provide them for us if we ask Him to. Prophets will understand their flesh is weak but work hard to beat the Mammon to be more Christ-like. And Christ will help them. True Prophets will receive revelation for all. There will be those that understand their calling and serve God completely, there will be others that understand their calling but are unwilling to give up everything for the Lord. There will be others that ask God for forgiveness and time so that they may complete what they want in their lives before they give up everything for the Lord. There will be others that decide to give up everything for the Lord and become a religious ascetic of sorts. Only the Holy Ghost decides which prophets will guide and help. We humans are all prophets in our own right, but only if we accept, love and seek God in all that we do. He is our loving Father and the more we are aware of that, the better we become, the more we respect not only humanity, but animals and the earth itself because they are all made with the glorious spirit of God; then the more we love, and carry out service for God. Our mission is to do His work; in fact, this is our universal mission: to bring people to Christ; and to make them aware that they are all God’s children, carrying His spirit.

Jesus understood this, and to be more like Him, we need to too. Amen.

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