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Reincarnation Stories: Is Reincarnation False or True

Pondering and praying whether reincarnation was true, I have come to a conclusion regarding all reincarnation stories. It is true for some, not true for others, and I will explain why. When I first got baptized, even though my church didn’t speak of it, I had to ask. So I asked in a silent prayer if Reincarnation was true. The answer was Yes. However, I was not fully convinced because really I had nothing to support it. This was ’07 when I saw my first vision of Jesus. In all my visions, Jesus never spoke to me, He only looked at me with certain facial expressions that taught me what He wanted from me. Getting back to reincarnation, when I had the Spirit of God inside of me for four weeks, where all things were of Love and Holiness, I happened to have a talk with a family member and she said let me show you what our Prophet of old said. And read me an excerpt that Joseph Smith said that “reincarnation was the doctrine of the devil.” As soon as she said that the holy spirit withdrew- it was wrong.. reincarnation did exist.

Reincarnation Stories:

Why Reincarnation is the Doctrine of the Devil

Thus began my pondering, why did Joseph Smith say that? He was a true prophet, I knew that, I felt that, I felt how he felt as I pondered about his journey. But there was a reason, there had to be a good reason. I read some anti mormon literature about how one of Joseph Smith’s wives told him about reincarnation stories. I knew Joseph pondered about this same thing too. Then I figured it out. Reincarnation offers no hope. Unless you absolutely perfect your spirit, you will be judged for your actions and then sent to a plane where you were to be reincarnated back into another baby so that you could relearn and try your best at progressing again with the progression you already carried. Your life would be blessed or punished as such. If you were wicked and rich you may be born again as a starving child in Africa, this was how reincarnation worked in my mind.

What Near Death Experiences Taught Me

I had so many questions after my four weeks of carrying the Heavenly Spirit which wasn’t mine, but of the Holiest of Holys. I knew it wasn’t mine because I felt my spirit leaving me as another spirit joined with my spirit and came back down. And all I could think of was helping and loving all people and animals, and the world. I was then prompted at this time to go online. I was searching for visions of Jesus to see how many other people saw visions. I found a snippet that looked as if it had fit my desire to find a like-experience, and was led to a Near Death Experience site. Here I read a couple reincarnation stories and one of a woman who tried to commit suicide and was asked by Jesus if she wanted to be reincarnated, here I learned that many experienced Jesus and Our Father as separate beings, here I learned that the Spirit that was in us was God’s spirit and that we were all connected; a mandala of souls. I learned a lot, from this site, but this also made me ponder and pray more. Finally, after reviewing countless near death experience accounts from various people with different religious backgrounds, I came to my own conclusion ~ Our heaven was dependent on where we placed our Faith. If we are Buddhist, we would see Buddha, unless we were also taught that one had to believe in Christ to be saved. Then we may see Buddha suffering, because of our belief interfering with our Faith. If we are Atheist, we believe in nothing, therefore Atheists go to Hell according to the Near Death Experiences, because of their belief in nothing; which I suspect is then a gateway to wickedness and spirits that live there on that plane. Now a Buddhist may be angered by this, but please don’t be, I am not saying Buddha is bad, but I am saying, We NEED TO BE STRONG IN OUR FAITH. After spending months on my personal pondering and praying, I figured out that the two churches that offer the most hope are: Christianity and LDS. Why? because Christianity gives us a Savior: Jesus Christ who takes upon Him all of our sins- allowing us entry into Heaven. The LDS church allows us the chance to do a lot of service, help others, they help us, we share our love, and offers us the chance to go into the Celestial kingdom through repentance and by Faithful obedience to the Lord. Read Ephesians- and study what it says about Christ’s church and how it must be, the LDS church is the perfect example of this.

I Love My Church

I am LDS, a member of the (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), or Mormon, it means the same thing. We are God loving, Jesus loving, Service loving people. I could’ve been Buddhist, Christian, Jewish- because I grew up with all that, but no, God Himself, led me to the LDS church. Do we believe in Polygamy? no way! Do some excommunicated LDS groups like FLDS do? Yes. but Adam was given Eve. Not Eve, Maria, Penelope..and so forth. In church history, did Joseph Smith have many wives? He did, and was it good? Well, apparently it was because they had lost their husbands or were poor and needed someone to take care of them.. was this true? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s not important. Joseph Smith was a human. This meant that although he did great things, he dealt with the weakness of his flesh- like we all do, and maybe women were his weakness.

Joseph left the words of wisdom for us. No wine, no hot drinks, no tobacco, herbs and fruit to be used in prudence and thanksgiving, animals to be eaten sparingly, grain to be eaten during famine or when one was very hungry, and fruit to be eaten. (lds.org)

Looking at this, I agree. Joseph was a wise man, and this came from revelation- so really, it wasn’t even his words but the Lord’s. And if so, it is to be followed. Very simply, this means, no alcohol, no caffeine, no over eating. And even simpler, upon pondering and praying about this, I figured out that this just means – No idolatry. No Facebook if you have an addiction to it, no diet coke if you are drinking it every day, no shopping, if you absolutely love it. Just as Buddha said, to eliminate suffering, we must eliminate selfish desire.

Reincarnation comes to those that believe in it, or those that are Buddhist and cannot reach that state of nirvana or living for God as the monks do. It also comes to those that commit suicide which is the ultimate sin, and to those that don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior. Reincarnation doesn’t have to be, it is also the Knowing as Gods do. It is in fact, the fruit of the knowledge of the tree of the Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were reborn again when they had everything Holy and Beautiful in the Garden of Eden. They were born with Flesh, and made weak. The fruit represents other things too; such as knowing something is wrong to do, but still doing it. Ephesians speaks of children of disobedience, Don’t be a child of disobedience. Cross Reincarnation off your list. Joseph Smith called Reincarnation the Doctrine of the Devil for Good reason.

The solution, simply be strong in your Faith. Be obedient. For all ways are His ways, but He has Higher ways than us. Thus, though we have free agency to choose, we simply need to choose what’s best of us, and what is best for others. Being obedient to the Lord is putting Him first. Letting go of the importance on money, coffee, selfies, Internet, ..whatever gets your mojo goin. Just understand that He loves us so much, He sent a Savior to us. We are saved through the grace of Jesus Christ, and we should act worthy in His footsteps, as if we are Him, because We too have this same potential through Christ Jesus, as we carry a part of Heavenly Father’s spirit in us; just as all things on this earth does- animals, flowers, e.t.c. If you want to go to Heaven, follow Christ’s teachings, and have a firm belief that through Grace you are saved. For if you are truly born again, you will do righteous works, not to impress men, but for God. Amen.


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