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Spiritual Gifts – Truth or Deception?

Since childhood, I have always known I have spiritual gifts. My grandmother on my mother’s side had this as well ~ we could both see and feel ghosts. Some say ghosts are not real; but I can testify to you that there is a parallel universe and that is where certain spirits are. It is important never to forget that God is very real, Angels are very real, and so are Demons and Spirits. They are all on a different plane. Spiritual Gifts can come in many forms; as I have experienced amazing moments of spirituality in my life; I have also heard and seen others who have had incredibly spiritual experiences.

Spiritual Gifts Take Many Forms

Spiritual gifts can take on many forms. The first gift I described above is seeing and feeling spirits -that is a gift for being able to penetrate that plane and seeing them.  Visions are a part of the first gift. People that see visions of Jesus the Christ or the Virgin Mary, and are sober and sound of mind are those that have a pure heart and are shown them by God; to help them progress even faster because they are supposed to make differences in the lives of others. Another gift is the gift of prophesy; or being able to tell what will happen in the future; all of us have this in fleeting moments~ I call this part of our Power of Divine Potential; though for some, it’s not just a part, they can really see the future all the time. A third gift which I have recently acquired is the gift of Healing; not to be taken lightly, this gift allows us to heal ourselves and others through God -it works; it works on my children, husband and anyone that has Faith~unless it is the Lord’s Plan that they not be healed and must suffer a little more to be polished. All of our souls must be refined; this is why we all have trials. Interestingly enough, once I understood how to use the Divine spirit within us to Heal, I got attacked and had sudden pain in the neck, hip, and back, and I knew it was the demons that were doing that since they did not like the fact I realized our Divine potential. So I prayed to Jesus and banished them in His name. And every time I prayed, I heard his voice say “I will.” and my pain was instantly gone. The fourth gift is the gift of Divine Communication. I often talk with God. I speak with Him silently and focus on Him. I get interruptions from responses from the outside spirits (demons), but how to tell who you are talking with – is simply to ask “Are you the Lord?” – – and you will hear “Yes,” or “No.” It is also important to recognize that this is a spiritual gift. Based on this theory, I think that mental illness occurs- when the brain is off balance and there is interaction with spirits/demons from the other plane; medication seems to help people with this affliction. I for one do not take any medication no do I have to; as I am spiritual and perfectly functioning normally~ and this is the difference because I am sure that some of you reading this may doubt my sanity. The fifth gift is the gift of dreams. Dreams can be from God or from the Devil or Spirits around; it can also be influenced by Televison programs or books. But I believe that everything is part of His Plan; and even dreams have a reason.

Spiritual Gifts too Have a Reason

Some of us were not born with spiritual gifts without reason; and it’s important we understand that. Even the many that proclaim to be the new Jesus reincarnated have a reason~ perhaps it’s to fulfill bible prophesy, perhaps it’s to show that there is Deception. There are those that have intense spiritual experiences and who go off and start another religion. There are enough religions in this world, and when I see this, I think of the scripture where Satan wanted the Glory; but Jesus gives the Glory to his Father. But I also understand why certain people do this. I have also seen evil men (actually all men are good; but we are so wrapped up in earthly matters that we allow demons/wicked spirits to corrupt us~ this is what was being spoken of in Genesis- when Satan tempts Eve and she partakes of the fruit- then offers it to Adam.) We all partake of the fruit -Why? Because we don’t know that we are Divine; as we carry our Father’s spirit, we think we want to expand our minds with knowledge or evil knowledge (such as taking drugs; knowing it is bad, but wanting to test the waters), we question our faith, God and all spirituality. When we don’t have to; and there are some that don’t. These souls that do not question their faith but live to strive to be like Christ and please their Father in Heaven~ are blessed- they will be blessed on Earth and in Heaven. Those of us that have rebellious souls from another existance, since we carry that rebellious personality~ which is ultimately our downfall aside from other trials we have such as”wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony.” (Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_deadly_sins) Furthermore, there are other sins such as: “adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings” (same source as above). ~ It is clear to me, why the Lord doesn’t like this. These are all actions which arise from matters of the Flesh.

Spiritual Gifts that Achieve or Deceive

Spiritual Gifts that ‘achieve’ are gifts that help the person progress into seeing and understanding what life is really about. This could take form in one or more of the gifts I described above and offer the person revelation so that they may draw nearer to God and show others to do the same. Spiritual Gifts that ‘deceive’ try and test the intent of the heart of the person receiving the vision or revelation~ Usually deception too is Part of the Plan~ even Jesus was tried through the devil’s temptation. In fact, God can only talk to the Pure hearted. He will not talk to a soul that is against Him, that is wicked to others (unless they need Him; and it’s an opportunity for growth) and  or is in the moment of rebellion. He will comfort all that need Him regardless of what situation they are in. He loves us all; but like a bird that lets her baby birds live on their own once they know how to fly and find food, He does the same to us. We all have a Divine Potential, and some of us are more progressed than others. Only God will bring us to the Reality here on earth that He wants from us. We can work hard over and over and succeed then forget spiritual matters. We can work hard over and over and get tender mercies from the Lord and never forget spiritual matters. We cannot worship Mammon, and God at the same time. So our earthly needs are being met accordingly; according to God’s plan; but through our righteous choices. Amen.



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