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Where to Find God

Many of you found this blog because you are seeking God. The Savior appeared to me when I was looking, and now it is my duty to tell you God is real and where He is. My experience with God has been constant, yet throughout my life as independence and growing up took place I kept forgetting. I never thought of where to find God. It all started when I was just a little girl. I always knew that there was a God. My father was Jewish and Buddhist, my mother was Buddhist turned Christian, and my grandmother was Buddhist. Thus, I never went to church but I always prayed to an alter with the picture of Buddha in front of me. Interestingly enough Buddhism speaks of reincarnation, I never really took this into heart, but liked the candies that we got visiting the Buddhist temples on certain days our grandmother took us there or when we met her there. Religion was just a party at this time, Christmas, Hannukah, Buddhist holidays, we never spoke of God too much, but we sure did enjoy the parties.

I Didn’t Know Where to Find God but He Was Always There

So began my life with God always there but my not knowing Him. I used to hang out with a Buddhist priest when I was little. He was a strange older man who shook when he touched my long hair. I was only a little girl probably around kindergarten age. Of course my parents had told me not to take candy from strangers e.t.c. but this Buddhist priest used to buy me toys. So he was my friend, an older adult friend, and we went to the park together at times. Until one day when I was swinging on the swing at the park with this older man, I noticed the grocery lady calling me over. She was our neighborhood grocer and my mother always shopped there so she knew me. “Stay away from him,” she said in Japanese. Yes, this all happened in my birth country of  Japan. So, I don’t exactly recall the details of what happened, but I remember leaving the priest on the swing and running off home. It wasn’t until I turned 29 or so that I learned that the priest had molested a little girl and was now in prison. I was reminded of the way of how God uses people as tools to warn us.

God is around you just have to knock on His door

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Matthew 7:7

I recently realized in 2014, God has answered my prayers in every way, He never let me down. He always supports my choices even if they are not the best just so I could fulfill my selfish desires. Satan has used me as a tool too, as he does with all of us.  I know so much and yet so little, God reveals to me more and more about myself and how everything I do is part of a Plan that is bigger than me.

Jesus is my Savior, He has appeared to me several times. He shows up when I least expect it, and from his reaction I know if what I am doing is wrong or right. He is my Savior- just like He is all of yours. He gave us a guideline to follow and if we follow Him, we will not only receive the blessings here on earth but in Heaven as well. Satan will make us Suffer, why? because that too is part of a Plan, and it’s ok if we don’t understand it, the goal here is to Listen, Obey, Serve Fellow Man, Love all and Progress.

Life is about our soul’s progression. We need to get back to Him. He will provide us with Health, Happiness, the glorious things money cannot buy. He gives us everything we have. Never doubt that. Also keep in mind, God chose me to tell you about Him. He chose All of us, but only some of us listen, obey e.t.c.

May you put the Lord first in all that you do, and Be Blessed.



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