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Why Should We Fear God?

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 Why Should We Fear God by a Formerly Gay, Now Evangelist

Why should we fear God? When we walk in faith and love n trust we should fear God but why? why do we need to? why should we? Questions even the saints ask and wonder everyday. But its not referring to a earthly fear of emotion n action but of the supernatural spiritual fear of our Lord. He takes and hes gives he blesses and he curses. Who is he? who does he think he is? Well the scriptures tell us many things about fearing our Lord and why. My reason is as any other disciple. He is our father. We all should trust in him and obey. He gave us life to begin with and when our life ends well be right back with him in the kingdom. Great news right?! U bet it is. See our Lord loves us sooo much his greatest Angel the devil turned against him. Jesus came from him was born and died for all our sins. This is the great news we should fear not to speak about. We should fear him cuz he is full of love and mercy as well as grace. Thats so much love i would even fear what our God wrath would be like and i bet any sinner or saint would not like to see or even hear. He knows all of us so when we fear him humbly we recognize his holiness as well as his judgment on the evil and wicked people on this earth. Sounds fair to me so fear him and you will be blessed ful of the greatest love you’ll ever need. See sounds great and not much to ask at all easy and respectfully righteous. You bet!!! Amen

Guest Post:

Author: George Lebron

More about George written by himself:

George Lebron aka Lexi a repented sinner from 2014 has been always a God fearing man. With catholic religion turned from idolatry of a false God finally coming to true repentance as a Christian now serving the Lord faithfully via Facebook, twitter and even YouTube with dreams and messages/visions from God, Jesus, his guardian angel and the holy angels too. George started out by taking steps to prove his obiediance to the Lord and finally decided to now become a loyal diciple in walking with Jesus. George gave up the lifestyle of abominable sin of homosexuality as well as other sins from the commendments brought from Moses. Hes been proving his dedication with his business and loves preaching online and even face to face with sinners in the community. George hopes some day to have his own free ministry and become a world famious Christian inspired fashion designer

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